About Us – United Staffing Solutions

United Staffing Solutions, Inc. (USSI) is a Joint-Commission certified staffing company employing highly qualified RNs for exciting travel assignments at hospitals across the country. Our company has been in the staffing business since 1996 and we have earned many accolades from our valued clients and our nurses. Our creed is very simple: Service one nurse and one client with excellence and repeat that thousands of times.

Mission Statement

United Staffing Solutions, Inc. (USSI) is committed to providing the highest quality HealthCare Professionals to all types of medical facilities; so all patients are treated with dignity and professionalism regardless of race, gender, creed, or financial status. Our medical professionals take their responsibility of patient care very seriously, and skillfully practice their areas of specialty while keeping in mind the importance of maintaining personal patient dignity, and a respect for their individual privacy.

The USSI staff adheres to the expectations and needs of our Client hospitals, patients, family members, significant others, and friends. They realize that these individuals all depend on the competency of the HealthCare Professional, and provide top-quality nursing care practiced with skill, experience, kindness, and thoughtful application. With dedication, education, training, and a true understanding of the medical profession and the needs of the patient, USSI nurses and medical practitioners are vastly relied upon throughout the nursing and medical industry to deliver the personal care desired; and to exceed the standards of care required by most Client facilities.

At USSI, our goal is to proudly serve the medical community to the best of our ability by providing superior service and care through our select team of HealthCare Professionals; who adhere to and aptly represent our company’s credo: “At USSI, we pledge to provide the highest level of care and comfort to all of our patients; and to serve our Client facilities with the utmost of professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to the practice of serving others through the administration of thoughtfully practiced and skillfully executed medical care”.