BluePipes’ Best Travel Nursing Companies, United Staffing Solutions is Ranked #5

“United Staffing Solutions, Inc (USSI) has an average aggregate score of 90.40 on 247 total reviews. This year, their scores increased from last year on TNC, HH, Glassdoor and Google.

USSI has been on our list of the best travel nursing agencies 3 out of the last four years. They were on TNC’s list in 2018 and 2019.

If you read USSI’s reviews, you will find that they are appreciated for their honesty, transparency and responsiveness. These are all extremely important qualities in a travel nursing company. “

We are so proud of our team at United Staffing Solutions (USSI) for being named the #5 ranked travel nursing company for 2020 by #Blue_Pipes!! We appreciate all of the hard work and effort that each of our team members and #nurses put in every day for us to receive this type of recognition!