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 1. What kind of Travel Nurse are you?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when considering a travel assignment?

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2. So you think being a Nurse is easy? Test your knowledge here!

In hypocalcemia, is a patient’s Trousseau’s sign going to be positive or negative?

Which of these is not a medicinal antidote?

What color does Rifampin turn urine?

Which condition would lead to a mother saying her child’s skin tastes salty?

Which fruit juice must be avoided with Calcium Channel Blockers?

What is the therapeutic range for Lithium?

What is the electrolyte imbalance nurses monitor for with Aldactone?

If a chest tube becomes disconnected it is advised to do what?

Koplik Spots are associated with which disease?

What blood vessels make up the umbilical cord?

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3. People are viewing the Grand Canyon in a brand new way and it’s breathtaking.

What is this?

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There's a new way of seeing the Grand Canyon and it's going to be the best one yet. The Pentagon Space Net is a hand-woven web located 400 ft above the ground and 200 ft away from the nearest cliff.

How do you do this?

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To enjoy the breathtaking views, you have to first walk 200 ft of the rope. After you have done the scariest thing in your life, you can now enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Grand Canyon. Then you need to dive into the the void through the hole, and land with a parachute.

Now can we guess your reaction?

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4. Which Famous TV Healthcare Professionals Are You?

1. How do you spend Saturday night?

Capital Pride Alliance

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5. Which Iconic TV Nurse Character are you?

What's your reaction to the statement: "You're just a nurse"?

Brooke Palmer/Lionsgate Publicity