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 TELE Tucson, AZ  $1,565 Weekly Gross
 PCU Provo, UT  $1,692 Weekly Gross
 PEDS Davis, CA  $2,149 Weekly Gross
 OR Whittier, CA  $2,479 Weekly Gross
 MS/TELE Tacoma, WA  $1,677 Weekly Gross
 ICU Palmdale, CA  $2,625 Weekly Gross
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Need Licensure assistance? 

USSI Nurse Advocate Mona offers free Licensure service to all Nurses with no obligation. Contact Mona directly at 424-231-2283.

To learn more about Mona, go to Nurse Advocate Mona’s page here.

Nurse Advocate Mona
Nurse Advocate Mona