ADP is a Payroll service provider that is well known around the country.  The tool runs our payroll and files our taxes. It also links with our Human Resources Information System, Zenefits.

As members of the USSI Family, your pay statements will be viewed online on the ADP website (or via the ADP mobile app). In order to gain access to your pay statements, you will need to register with ADP. The link and registration password will be provided to you on or before your start date with USSI.

Nurse Advocate

USSI knows the process can be an overwhelming, time-consuming and daunting, so our friendly License Expert , to be:

√   Your Personal Liaison during the License Process

√   Your Resource for First-Time Travelers & Nurses New to the Area

√   Coordinate Needed Credentials & Classes Required for the State

√   Downloadable RN Licensing Checklists for 50 States here.


Zenefits is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that uses a dashboard to centralizes all things related to HR.  USSI Employees can update:

√  Personal information,

√ Enroll in health benefits, and

√ View Sick Balances.

Upon hire, you will be invited to create an account in Zenefits. Talk to your Recruiter about USSI health insurance benefits.

Complimentary License Service

USSI offers Complimentary License Service to Get Straight Into the State of Your Dreams, including California, Florida, Texas. Nevada & New York!

Learn more about the process and requirement by contacting our Compliance Team to guide you through the license process. Already have a license & ready to go? Let’s find your dream assignment.

Stop dreaming and starting packing…Begin your adventures with USSI today!

Travel Reward Programs

USSI has a discount program with Hertz Rentals. The Business Rewards program allows you a free Gold Plus Rewards membership which allows you to skip the counter, earn a day by using the Gold Account and receive 5% to 25% on each car rental. Contact us to learn about this reward program today.

Nurse Compact States

There are currently a total of 25 states that are currently listed as Compact Licensure States. A Compact State License allows an RN to travel to 24 other states on (1) license. If you are unsure if you have compact privileges, please contact our USSI Recruiter and they can assist you.

Military – Expedited Licensure

CA Board of Nursing will expedite the licensure process for an applicant of military spouse/partner with an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces, assigned to a duty station in California. Learn more here.


Certification, Testing & Continuing Education

We are here to guide you with information on continuing education and courses to keep you current with your credentials. For more information, contact our great Recruiting Team today.



Downloadable Forms

Download Timesheet Here.

Download Expense Report Here.