Travel Nursing FAQs

Travel Nursing can give your more flexibility, greater income, and opportunities to expand your career. However, you may have questions about taking travel assignments and how it will work for you and your family. USSI have prepared for you a list of frequently asked questions concerning travel nursing.

Travel Nursing Assignments refer to nursing contracts that afford an RN or an LPN the opportunity to work at a healthcare facility at a specific location for 13 to 26 weeks. The general perception in the travel industry is for the facility to qualify as “travel” it needs to be 50 miles or further away from the nurses’ legal residence.
Travel Nursing requires Nurses who have at least 1 year of experience in their specialty. For details, please refer to 8 Steps to becoming a Travel Nurse.
The Nursing shortage and hospital’s required staffing ratio made Travel Nursing always in high demand, hence higher pay for Travelers. But each pay package is different due to specialty, location, housing, facilities, and skill levels etc. USSI pays our Nurses by direct deposit every Friday.
Yes. You have the liberty to travel with either family or your furry friends as long as you are willing to pay for part of the housing or a pet deposit.
There are two choices when it comes to Travel Nurse Housing. You can choose agency provided housing or find housing on your own. If you decided to find housing on your own, make sure you do extensive research on the house to prevent fraud.
Statistically speaking you can keep more money if you can find your own housing at a lower price than your housing stipend.
We definitely recommend first-time travelers to choose agency housing considering the hectic schedule and the novelty of travel nursing.
A pay package is consists of fixed hourly income, which is taxable, and stipend for housing, meal, and incidental, all of which tax-free. Please make sure your pay package does not include untaxable income higher than state permitted. If you are confused with your pay package, please feel free to click on our chat box and ask your question, our customer service representatives will be happy to help you with no obligations.
USSI provide full health insurance the first day of the following month of your employment, free licensing services, weekly payday, further education discounts, and matching 401K plan.